Are These The Best Brioche Burger Buns In Town?

The Brioche Bun AKA the Bread Roll is the make or break for any burger or sandwich you make. Follow this simple recipe and you won't go far wrong. We paired these beautiful brioche buns with our very own Northern Cure Porchetta recipe, you should too.

Brioche Buns by Northern Cure

During lockdown, we stumbled across a recipe for brioche buns while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. It was posted by Paul Foster of Salt a restaurant in Stratford and uses brown butter to give caramel notes and a nuttiness to the brioche.

It’s also got that softness you need when eating a pork butty, you want the bread to be delicious but soft and subtle, something like a sourdough often overpowers its contents and becomes the main feature.

Ingredients for Brown Butter Brioche

600g Bread flour

250g active starter

100g milk (30c)

17g salt

6g yeast

4 Eggs

250g brown butter (buerre noisette)

80g Sugar

Brioche Bun Instructions

  • Make buerre noisette – allow to cool
  • Combine the warmed milk with the starter
  • Dissolve in 6g fresh yeast, add 4 medium eggs and sugar, combine thoroughly
  • Combine the wet mixture with the flour and salt
  • Knead into a smooth dough
  • Allow to relax 30mins, then work in the brown butter in a series of 3 folds.
  • Prove overnight in the fridge
  • Weigh into 60g balls, place in a loaf tin in alternating rows
  • Eggs wash twice, prove for 2 hours at room temperature
  • Bake for 10mins at 200c then 170c for 20mins

Pair these brioche buns with delicious roast pork porchetta - a match truly made in heaven.