N'duja Dressing | Chef Series With Douglas Staton | 1.0

N’duja is hugely popular these days, in fact it is now consumed more commonly in the UK than it ever has been in Italy. In Italy its more of a regional specific product, made in the south as a way to utilise all the amazing Calabrian chilli’s they produce. You will commonly see it eaten simply with a piece of bread and its typically more of a soft paste served at room temp as it begins to slightly render in the Italian heat. The traditional way of producing it also means its way higher in softer fats with all the intramuscular fat from their heritage breed pigs being thrown into the mix.

 At Northern cure we produce a meatier N’duja that’s slightly more solid in its texture, and salami like in its taste. With good quality fresh chillis slightly harder to come by in the UK we are forced to use less of them (although we have come up with a dried chilli blend that more than compensates) and more of the meat, bringing you a slightly different product but one that is hugely flavourful. Our N’duja will render down nicely on a pizza or chucked into a pasta sauce giving you that beautiful deeply flavoured red oil with pockets of tangy aged, fermented meat. That for us is really the beauty of N’duja.

 We thought we would share a recipe that will allow you to have that melted N’duja magic at hand ready to finish for any dish. An N’duja dressing that can be used to bring depth of flavour and a final kick to whatever you have prepared.


Dressing Recipe:

Bring your red wine to a simmer in a pan on a low heat, and reduce by half (you want 50ml of reduced red wine at the end)

  • Tare your N’duja into small olive sized pieces
  • Gently warm your olive oil on a low heat, add in the torn Nduja
  • Keep the N’duja on a low heat allowing the fat to render, you will see the oil become a deep red/orange and small mince like pieces of meat will be left
  • Once all the fat has rendered begin to whisk the mixture gently to break down the meat pieces further and bring the mixture together into more of a loose Bolognese like mass
  • Add in the reduced red wine and incorporate, allow to cool to room temperature
  • This should be stored in the fridge but eaten at room temperature, so get it out a few hours before you want use

 We love this dressing and use it typically with seafood, here we have used it to top some pretty special Carlingford Oyster. We love the hot, umami kick of the dressing with the briny, fresh Oyster.